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A #MeToo Crisis in a #MeFirst World

In 2013, an online “Yale Alumni Magazine” posted an article describing the online alcohol education course for incoming freshmen.  The question addressed:  How much alcohol is appropriate for an underage freshman to drink?  The course’s answer – of course it’s illegal according to law, but in reality a “couple drinks during the ‘pregame’ (a small […]


Whatever it Takes

I don’t know if you saw the image in this post a few months ago, but it captured me.  And it captured me because the story behind it is so powerful. On April 23, 2018, between 1:00 and 3:00 am, a line of thirteen semi-trailer trucks lined up under a bridge close to Detroit to […]


The Tension of the “No”

It’s been about five months since I’ve written here.  About five months ago I was three chapters into a dissertation journey that started back in 2013.  About five months ago I was overwhelmed and wondering how I’d ever complete that journey.  (The final product is only five chapters, but man were those last two painful!) […]


A Word About S***holes

So, when something hits me hard emotionally, I tend to turn inward to process and write to get it out.  Many of those writings never get shared.  Some do.  That’s what this post is… me getting some things out.  (Just a preface.) The danger of this post is that I’m going to tell a couple […]