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The Power to Suffer

Power allows us to find our way through suffering. At least that’s what Paul seems to believe.  It’s not what I believe.  I see power as the opportunity for self-achievement, status-advancement, and notoriety.  I wrestled with it in getting ready to launch this blog.  In my own eagerness, as this website took shape and I […]

Country Music and the Danger of Success

I read an interview with country singer Eric Church recently.  One of the things I love about him is that he seems to be maintain a focus on writing and independence in a musical genre that has become mechanistic in churning out pop-country hits that could all be on the same record.  In the interview, […]

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WE the People

“’The other’ need not be negatively different from us but could be a friend, one who shares our views, our life, but who is an “other” nonetheless. The other does not exist only in the opposite camp but is found within any given group be it religious (Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist) or political (conservatives, […]

Donovan McNabb Peaked at 32

I listened to this interview the other day with Donovan McNabb, the great quarterback from a few years ago who played for the Philadelphia.  As he was talking with the interviewer, they discussed the emergence of  several young rookie quarterbacks and what that growth process had been like for Donovan. He shared how he really began […]


I Assume You’re Brilliant

You don’t know me.  So why should you trust me?  Some church planter guy in West Virginia talking about leadership.  What do I know about you and your situation? Of course, on the other hand, your cynicism might keep you from something that could create a breakthrough in your situation.  And what if you miss […]


The Affirmation Station

This is New Community :: Affirmation Station from New Community Church on Vimeo. This is a video we shared with our New Community family a few weeks ago.  Never underestimate the power of affirmation and how you can bring grace to another person’s life.