For the Parent(s) with Red Eyes on the First Day of School

This is another, older post I wrote when my two oldest daughters started 1st grade and 3rd grade.  I remember walking down the street seeing a mother who’s kiddo had just started Kindergarten.  She had clearly been upset, and was struggling through this life transition… 

All over our region, kids are ripping their parents hearts out today.
Actually, the teachers are doing the destruction.
Or maybe its the administrators.

Either way, I watched my kids walk into their school today and it hurt.

Every year it happens.
Two years ago was the worst.
We dropped our oldest off at Kindergarten and then spent the day like zombies.
Red eyes and muttering about how empty it felt.

I hate this day.

And I love it.

The protective part of me wants nothing more than to keep my kids close, hold onto them, and protect them from anything coming their way in those unpredictable halls of the school.  But I can’t, and I shouldn’t.

I love today because of the same unpredictability.  My kids are great kids.  Really great kids.  Probably greater than any other kid in the history of the universe.  (Of course I’m a little biased.)  They have so much potential and so much talent and so much to offer to the world.  And every year my wife and I drop them off on that first day I can’t wait to see what they’ll learn and grow into in the next year.

Plus, for the vast majority of our system, we have really great teachers.  This morning the staff at our school had superhero shirts on and rolled out the red carpet for my kids.  I LOVE THAT.  In my mind the teachers are working beside me in teaching my kids to dream big and pursue great things.  As much as I hate letting them out of my sight, I’m thankful for the people around them pouring into them.

With your kids there is always risk and opportunity.
The more I walk through it, the more I keep learning that parenting can never be about fear.
Parenting is about sendingencouraginginstilling courage, and daring children to dream.

The parent who parents in fear will be crippled for life.
There is a better way… and its called bravery.

May today be less about your sorrow of having your kids out of your sight and more about the hope of where God will lead them.

Praying for the parents and teachers today.


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